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Mitel makes integrating with key third-party business applications easy. Whether you’re looking to integrate Salesforce or Skype for Business or anything in between, Mitel has you covered.

The combination of data from Salesforce and the MiCloud Connect phone system gives management a never-before-available view of critical business metrics. Users can create dashboards to serve as an early indicator of sales, service or operational performance.


People rely on because it gets results and puts the focus on sales and service, not administration.  We share this philosophy and have applied the same principals to the complete business communications solution that is MiCloud Connect.
MiCloud Connect for Salesforce unifies data and enhances the functionality of both applications. By integrating your phone system with your CRM, you will increase your sales effectiveness, support productivity and increase customer satisfaction.
Once the phone system and SFDC are linked, recording the interaction in the system will be a natural part of making the call, rather than an afterthought. Adoption will increase enterprise-wide, more deals will be closed, customer satisfaction will increase and management will gain better data to make better decisions.

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Integration with Salesfource

Alteline provides wide range of services and designs using our trained and certified Salesforce engineers. We can help Your management gain better data to make better decisions.

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