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Mitel CloudLink

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Mitel CloudLink is a platform that enables communications between an on-premise PBX, such as the MiVoice Office 250, and cloud-based applications like Mitel OfficeLink. The following diagram shows the components and connections for the CloudLink platform.

CloudLink includes the following:

  • CloudLink Platform – The platform that provides services for CloudLink apps.

  • CloudLink Gateway – The device that connects a MiVoice Office PBX, which is installed on premises, to the CloudLink platform and CloudLink applications. The CloudLink Gateway appliance is Mitel’s first such device with many more in development.

  • CloudLink Apps – Applications that use a CloudLink Application Programming Interface (API) and micro-services to provide hybrid communications services to Mitel customers. OfficeLink is Mitel’s first CloudLink app with many more in development.

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